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Drupal Gutenberg brings the powerful admin features of Gutenberg Editor to Drupal.

Drupal Gutenberg is a modern pagebuilder that is extremely powerful and flexible when needed, for the Drupal platform. Our vision is to make Drupal platform the most user friendly and useful tool for content creators

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Inspiring to work with

Web editors love Gutenberg. Both because of the power it gives them and the time it saves.

Open source WYSIWYG

The Gutenberg editor is completely free to install and use. No licencing costs whatover.

Works well in the Drupal eco system

True to the Drupal paradigm, all elements on a Gutenberg enabled page are (Gutenberg) blocks. Gutenberg comes with 20+ core blocks, and so does Drupal core. This means all existing Drupal blocks available in the Gutenberg UI can be inserted into a page wherever you want, alongside Gutenberg core blocks. And of course, you can modify them or build your own.

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