Drastically reduce the amount of time spent on creating pages.


Please your content creators with an intuitive editor experience.


An entire React framework proven to handle all your needs from minimal setups to complex requirements.

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23. May 2024 17:00CEST

For agency partners. How do you create value for your clients using Gutenberg? And how do you implement this within your organisation?

15. Aug 2024 17:00CEST

For content creators and CMOs. Get things done fast and flexible. We'll show you how we typically build landingpages and content in Gutenberg + some future vision of Gutenberg + AI.

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active Drupal installations


blocks shipped with the module


years of regular updates

Installing Gutenberg slashed our content creation time by 80%. We are able to produce more and maintain our content in a better way.

CMO, 100 people marketing department with a complex Drupal website

Inspiring to work with

Web editors love Gutenberg. Both because of the power it gives them and the time it saves.

Free to install and use

The Gutenberg editor is fully open source. No licensing costs whatsoever.

Works well in the Drupal eco system

True to the Drupal paradigm, all elements on a Gutenberg enabled page are (Gutenberg) blocks. Gutenberg comes with 60+ core blocks, and so does Drupal core. This means all existing Drupal blocks available in the Gutenberg UI can be inserted into a page wherever you want, alongside Gutenberg core blocks. And of course, you can modify them or build your own.

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Drupal Gutenberg for Drupal agencies

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Drupal Gutenberg is a free extension to Drupal, the world's leading enterprise CMS.

We are continually improving, in order to give you the most solid and stable module possible.

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